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The mother did something unexpected, in August she moved 1.5 hours out of the city.  I believe JEP knew the children's programming was completed and that moving out of the city dissolved any 50/50 one week at dad's and one week at mom's thoughts the lawyers might have had at one time - cause this living arrangement had come out of my oldest daughters mouth leaving their therapist office. Now the children would have to choose and the therapist was tipping the scales.

In Sept 2010 my children at their after school home threw peeled fruit at the lady whom looks after them, they called her names like 'scab face' , the lady distraught called me to come get them. She asked them why they are so cruel to her and they said "that's what your called in mom's house".

This is the sort of thing the therapist was suppose to work on, which would have helped me.

In court at this time the Judge and children's lawyer are discussing having a 'parenting assessment done' , that's when another therapist comes in and documents the children's wishes and not what put the children in that state of mind, nice - neat - tidy and no one will know what they have done.  It would also most likely cost me a minimum of $5000.

JEP's lawyer resigns , she tells the court she has been working for JEP as a personal favor for various reasons needs to step down from the file.  This is why JEP never went to court - her lawyer friend was most likely telling JEP the plan - the judges instructions - everything, amongst the abuse notes I received from JEP she also wrote me she would have them all soon.

By Oct 2010 I had been complaining to my lawyer for almost 4 months about the alienation coming out of my children's mouth, and how my lawyer was so indifferent to it and the damage they have done to this father.

I fired lawyer #4 , though this lawyer had done for me more than any of the others her position seemed to be to get me the best losing position possible,  I didn't need a lawyer to lose. I wrote her I was letting her go because of the back room chamber meetings with Judge against my will and her total indifference to the alienation coming out of my children's mouths.

My lawyer #4 replied in writing " there was nothing I could do - they wanted to give her another chance "

My lawyer's final message show's how corrupt this system is - least here, the decision these children would go to the mother was made over 1 year ago prior - that the Judge was giving instructions in chambers to the lawyers how things will proceed.

This is the definition of what's called a 'kangaroo court' ...

Dec 2010 I gave up - at which point the Judge and CLERC were no longer interested in a parenting assessment - the mother was awarded the children , she got Child Support about 2 minutes later , I got 48 hours visitation every 2 weeks 6hours of which is driving to/from their mothers.

On January 12th 2011 one of my daugther's contacted me, that her mother was scaring her and she needed me to come get her ...

   court date set ... the date moved around but today I got my day in court 2011 04 05

my prediction  going into court is I would leave with my children no better off - probably another therapist assigned and me somehow picking up the tab for it all ... what occured was worse ...

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